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- The below requests to fundraise are not acceptable within the Chestnut Hill Candle Co. program

Class or Family Reunions, Paying for elementary, secondary school or college tuition, Paying for medical bills, To the benefit of 1 person, Any type of pageants, Burial/Funeral expenses, Any Political organization, Adoption fees, Employee Holiday functions, To start up a new business, A mission trip for one person where there is no affiliated organization, Talent conventions, Social events within Homeowners Associations, Wedding expenses.

- As a general rule, groups should possess a non-profit status, or represent an organization or group that has a recognized not-for-profit status by the appropriate governing agency and make every effort to obtain documentation which supports this status.

- In all cases, the organization acknowledges that all funds raised will be used to promote the betterment of the local community or non-profit cause through direct educational, medical, cultural, or humanitarian means.  The organization further acknowledges that no funds will be used for the benefit of an individual or non-related expense.  Chestnut Hill Candle Co. Fundraisers are not available to private, for-profit groups, political organizations, or groups outside the continental United States.  


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