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According to the National Candle Association, 7 out of 10 homes in the United States burn candles;  this makes candles a great item for your fundraiser. Our handmade candles have quickly become the "Fundraiser of Choice" by many organizations because  our soy candles are easy to sell, are of excellent quality and the rewards greatly exceed those of the traditional fundraiser involving candy, wrapping paper, etc.

    Chestnut Hill Candles are hand poured using only the finest ingredients in our products, including our own unique clean burning soy wax blend with all cotton wicks. All of our candles are double wicked to burn evenly, and for a long period of time, with each 10 ounce candle burning an average of 65 - 75 hours. Most importantly, we offer your organization 40% of the total sales with no sorting and FREE Delivery.  An average fundraiser involving 20 participants can easily make over $3000!!! You can make the same profit selling just 10 Apothecary Jar Candles as you would selling 70 candy bars. 

 Please contact us if you would like samples and additional information on our company to sponsor your next upcoming fundraiser. Not only will you have our full support and service but Chestnut Hill Candle Company will provide an excellent handmade product that is easy to sell and will offer your organization a wonderful fundraising opportunity.


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