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2018 Spring Summer Fundraiser

(Some terms and conditions have changed)  

This form MUST be filled out complete to be processed.  

Terms and Conditions:

By submitting below, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

- Chestnut Hill Candle Co. Fundraising maintains an “at will” relationship with each organization, and reserves the right to deny its services to any group that does not meet the above criteria or whose mission is not consistent with these guidelines at any time.

-You must have a re-sale certificate or be tax exempt if your organization is located in West Virginia. All orders shipped outside of West Virginia are not subject to West Virginia sales tax. Your organization is responsible for any sales tax, use tax or federal tax.  Please consult your accountant or tax attorney to determine your responsibilities.

-You (The Group Leader) agrees to supervise and take responsibility for your organization regarding this campaign.  Chestnut Hill will consider this the ONLY contact.  You can not switch group leaders after signing up.   The group leader must be present at delivery and customer pick up. 

-Order forms, postage and samples are provided free with an order of 96 candles or more.  If for any reason the sale is not held, you agree to pay for the forms, postage and samples at the following cost: Forms-$.50 ea. -  Sample Sniffs - $ .75 ea. - Postage = $Actual Cost.  If requesting more than 500 catalogs/order forms, you agree to pay for any order forms not turned in if less than 50% participation rate. 

-Payment must be received by Chestnut Hill Candle Co. prior to shipment. Payment can be made in the form of a business/school check, money order or certified bank check made payable Chestnut Hill. No personal checks will be accepted.

-Our delivery goal is 3 weeks from the date the order is received.  While we make every effort to meet that goal, orders can take up to 6 weeks for delivery.  Longer delivery times can be expected if unforeseen circumstance not controlled by Chestnut Hill Candle Co. are experienced such as supply chain failure, natural disasters, etc...   Failure to follow directions will delay shipment.

-A minimum order of 96 candles is required to be considered a fundraiser and receive the discounted price with free shipping. Orders less than 96 will not be accepted.  

-All orders must be submitted on master sheets via mail, scanned email or fax. If a seller has failed to fill out a master sheet, the group leader is responsible for filling one out for them.  Chestnut Hill will not accept order forms. Any payment notes should be written on the master sheet in the designated area.  Be sure all master sheets are clearly readable. Make adjustments if necessary. Any postage costs will be the responsibility of your organization.

-Add-ons will be accepted up to 1 week after the original order is received. Add-ons may be on a separate invoice and will also need to be paid before shipment.

Delivery will be made by Chestnut Hill or through UPS Ground.   

- A box count will be needed before passing out the orders to the sellers. 
- Sellers or Parents will be responsible for checking the orders for accuracy and damage before leaving the pick up area. Any problems must be reported to the group leader at that time. Chestnut Hill will not be responsible for damages or shortages after leaving the delivery/pick up area or orders not picked up within 3 days - NO EXCEPTIONS. 
- The group leader must CONFIRM any discrepancies at time of pick up and report them to Chestnut Hill within 3 days of receiving the order by submitting a discrepancy report.  
If UPS was used to deliver the orders, the group leader will need to call UPS to get a claim number. Chestnut Hill will ship the replacement candles after receiving the discrepancy report and determination of error.
-  If the order is moved from the original delivered location, Chestnut Hill can not be held responsible for damage or missing items.

-The order is considered final after delivery. Additional candles, less than 96 pieces, can be ordered through our website at full price plus any shipping charges that may apply. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Online fundraiser ordering!
Increase your profits with online ordering.  After sign up,  you'll receive a group number unique to your organization with special instructions on how to access the online fundraiser ordering web page. Your customers who live out of the area or those local who wish to bypass the pick up and have their order shipped directly to them can now do so online.  There will be a 4 candle purchase minimum per order and shipping charges apply.  Further details will be emailed with your confirmation.


  2018 Spring/Summer Fundraiser Agreement Form

Group Name: (Do not use abbreviations)

Have you reviewed the above terms and conditions and confirmed your organization falls within the fundraising guidelines?

What will the funds be used for?

Address order forms should be sent to (No P.O. Box)
City: State: Zip Code:
Is this address Residential or Commercial

Address Candle order should be delivered to:
City: State: Zip Code:
Is this address Residential or Commercial

Group Leader:    Do not fill out this form unless you are the group leader.  Do not fill it out for someone else.  Only one person can be the group leader.  This will be the only contact person. 

Phone Number:
Email Address: Your information will never be shared with a 3rd party. This is our main method of contact. The invoice and sales report will be sent to this address. Please be sure to check it often.

Treasurer: You must have a treasurer other than the group leader.
Email Address: You must have a treasurer email other than the group leader email.

Number of Participants:

Number of forms Requested:

Date Fundraiser is to begin: Date Fundraiser is to end: Date Fundraiser will be turned in: (Please contact us if the turn in date changes during your sale)

Is your organization is located in West Virginia?:  

West Virginia Residents only: If your organization is located in West Virginia, you MUST have a Exempt No.
Exempt No.

I have read and understand the terms and conditions listed above and have authorization to sign on behalf of my group or organization.


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