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Over 20 years ago, we hand-crafted our first batch of candles in the basement of our old home. What started as a hobby became a mission to give customers a high-quality and affordable product.

What makes Chestnut Hill Candles different?

Timeless look

Our candles exude timeless elegance in our classic apothecary jars. Each jar features a clear glass body that beautifully showcases our hand-poured candles. Our unique bronze lid stamped with our logo completes our signature look.

Highly fragrant

Our candles are crafted with double wicks for maximum scent throw. Chestnut Hill candles are renowned for their strength and longevity, filling your space with delightful aromas that last. Each candle is carefully made to ensure a clean, even burn, providing hours of indulgent ambiance.

Long burn time

Experience the lasting fragrance of Chestnut Hill's 16 oz candles, with an impressive burn time of 100-110 hours. Meticulously crafted for longevity, each flame promises a captivating scent that lingers.

Highest of quality

At Chestnut Hill, quality isn't just a standard—it's our heartfelt commitment to you. As a family business, we pour our passion into every candle, ensuring they're of the highest quality and offered at an affordable price. We take pride in delivering not just a product, but an experience.


Discover our vast selection of over 100 fragrances at our retail store located in our hometown of Chester, West Virginia.

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