About us


Welcome to Chestnut Hill Candle Company. Our names are Dave and Missy Severs. What started as a hobby in 2001 blossomed into a passion-fueled business after countless trials and triumphs. Our candles quickly gained popularity among loved ones, propelling us to launch our website in 2002 and open a retail store a year later.

Fast forward to 2020, we proudly opened our flagship location in Chester, marking a milestone in our journey. With over two decades of experience, we've become experts in fundraising for schools and organizations, distributing our candles across the globe, from the United States to our distributors in Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany.

As a family-owned and operated venture, we're honored to work alongside our two daughters, infusing every candle with love and dedication. Whether you've been a part of our story from the beginning or just stumbled upon us today, we're immensely grateful for your support and for joining us on this adventure.


We dedicate this section of our website to our beloved nephew and cousin, Nathan, whose untimely passing on his way to work left an irreplaceable void in our hearts. Despite his brief time with us as a Chestnut Hill employee, Nathan taught us invaluable lessons, far exceeding what we could have ever taught him.

Nathan's dedication was unparalleled—he arrived at work 30 minutes early each day, eager to absorb every bit of knowledge his Uncle Dave had to offer. With a bright smile and a willingness to assist, he approached every task with enthusiasm. The absence of his presence in our warehouse serves as a constant reminder of his indelible impact.

Nate, your spirit lives on in our memories, and your absence is deeply felt. You are loved and missed dearly.